Russia to Progress on Mass Production of Attack Drones

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Sabtu, 19 Agustus 2023 – 15:09 WIB

Washington – Russia is making big progress in its plans to mass produce an attack drone similar to Iran’s that can travel more than 1,600 km to target cities in Ukraine, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

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Rusia Bakal Produksi Massal Drone untuk Serang Ukraina

According to documents on the plans, Russia is building its own version of the Shahed-136, despite delays and sanctions affecting components needed from other countries.

The Washington Post claims to have obtained the documents from a source who disapproved of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and works in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.

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VIVA Militer: Drone tempur Shahed-191 Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Islam Iran

Iran has acknowledged sending drones to Russia. Iran previously claimed to have sent drones before Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

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Russia has previously denied using Iranian drones in Ukraine, but President Vladimir Putin has called for his country to increase domestic drone production.

In April, Putin said that the value of Russia’s drone industry would soon reach US$20 billion.

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The White House said earlier this summer that Russia appeared to be deepening cooperation with Iran and had obtained hundreds of drones (UAVs) from Tehran, which the United States, Ukraine and other Western countries said violated a 2015 UN Security Council resolution.


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